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Surprising Guangzhou Better known by the name Canton, Guangzhou is the pride of Southern China. With its impressive skyline, it has managed to preserve all the richness of its nature. Book a flight to Guangzhou and let yourself be seduced by the Cantonese cuisine ! From the summit of the Canton Tower, there is an exceptional panorama over Guangzhou awaiting you. Emblematic with its transparent top, the highest television tower in the world offers an uninterrupted view over this city, which brings together perfectly tradition and modernity. You can admire the Pearl River from there, on which the famous junks navigate, so characteristic of China. It travels through Guangzhou whilst protecting at the heart of its meanders Shamian Island. Historical jewel of the city, it forms the backdrop of the old British concession with its residential quarters punctuated with magnificent colonial style houses. A flight to Guangzhou is full of surprise, such as the sublime Sacred Heart Cathedral, a jewel in the Neo-Gothic style. Not far away, you can admire the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, a sanctuary perfectly preserved from the 19th century. Meanwhile, the town centre of Liurong Lu contains the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees. From the height of its 57 metres, its pagoda has lasted more than fourteen centuries. Your tour guide of Guangzhou will invite you to leave the city in order to enjoy the abundant nature that surrounds it, such as the picturesque Mount Yuexiu and its park of 86 hectares. It is home to numerous historical monuments, like the Statue of the Five Goats, symbol of the city. While the Nengren Buddhist Temple and the Nine Dragons Spring give Mount Baiyun so much charm. Canton is famous as being the capital of Chinese gastronomy: book an airline ticket to Guangzhou and savour the famous dim sum, poetically translated as « to touch the heart ».