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Cologne, Germany's hidden treasure

Reserve a plane ticket to Cologne and treat yourself to a romantic escapade in a city which has no shortage of treasures waiting to be discovered. The capital of the Rhineland blends its cultural wealth with a certain art de vivre, illustrated by some of its renowned local produce.

Cologne Cathedral is the most visited monument in Germany. Standing at 157 meters in height, its gothique architecture dominates the city and by climbing the steps of its towers you will enjoy a unique view over Cologne. Just one of the unmissable sights after arriving on a flight to Cologne, as well as the padlock bridge for any self-respecting romantic couple! On fine sunny days, it is a must to descend upon the banks of the Aachernerweiher lake, or take a boat tour down the Rhine. Did you know that the Cologne christmas market takes place in part on water ? Or that you take a cable car to reach the city zoo? Your plane ticket to Cologne will provide you with many surprises and discoveries. Between two visits to the numerous points of interest in Cologne, the Rheinpark or the botanical gardens will provide you with some pleasantly relaxing moments.

The museum of chocolate is just one of the many points of interest. You will learn the manufacturing secrets of your favorite confectionary… A flight to Cologne will set you on the trail of the famous Cologne water, the star of the perfume museum. Each year, the city hosts an international art fair (Art Cologne) which contributes to the artistic and cultural reputation of the city.

Cologne has also carved itself a reputation as a culinary capital. Rhineland cuisine is worth discovering for its variety, with its vegetable and meat based stews and even fruit based ones for those enjoy sweet and sour dishes. Head to one of the brewhouses of the region and sample local beers, an ideal accompaniment to those legendary wursts.