The Leméac: authentic and magical

The Leméac: authentic and magical

A bistro with Parisian fashion that serves traditional French cuisine.

Located in upscale Outremont and surrounded by shops and trendy restaurants, the Leméac has, in less than 15 years, become one of the pillars of the Montreal food scene.

Try the house specialty: smoked salmon or beef tartar with string fries. Unless you prefer the duck confit accompanied by roasted potatoes, the traditional mussels with fries, or mushroom ravioli, demi-glace, pine nuts, and arugula. For dessert, the Leméac offers a crême brûlée with Tahitian vanilla and toast with milk jam and maple sugar caramel.

With its elegant decor (tiled floor, mirrored walls, stylish bar stools), its subdued atmosphere, and its menu worthy of the best Parisian bistros, it attracts all of Montreal's gourmets.

1045, rue Laurier Ouest
Montréal, QC H2V 2L1
+1 514 270 0999

Menu: from 30 USD