Pure and simple at Emma's

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Pure and simple at Emma's

Emma, Pizzeria con Cucina, opened just a few years ago. It entices you with delightful scents and simple yet nourishing food.

Delicious oven-baked pizzas await you at Emma's on a small terrace in the shade of the sun. The scent is just too tempting and will attract you to a table. From the traditional “Four Seasons” to the subtle “Pata Negra e Bufala”, the restaurant invites you to a most delicious culinary escapade in the heart of Rome.
In a modern decor bathed in light, the waiters juggle with dishes to the customers' delight. With generous servings of quality products, the plates are emptied greedily at lunch and dinner, before being sent back to the kitchen with nothing but a few drops of virgin olive oil or one last leaf of freshly plucked basil. Save room for a stop at Emma's and drool in anticipation.

Emma, Pizzeria con Cucina
Via Monte della Farina, 28/29
00186 Rome

+39 06 6476 0475


Menu: around 12 EUR