Paradise Hotel - closer to the stars

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Paradise Hotel - closer to the stars

Between idealised and trendy, this small hotel is a place for Paris-lovers. .

In three years, this small hotel in the 10th district has become a charming boutique address in a thriving neighbourhood. When the Breton couple, Julie and Adrien Gloaguen, acquired this 38-room hotel, they wanted to make it perfect. And they succeeded. Obviously, they were helped by the view of zinc roofs from many of the rooms. They also hired the much-hyped designer Dorothy Meilichzon, who designed Hotels Bachaumont and Grand Pigalle, and restaurants like Mathis and Beef Club. Her design oscillates between romanticism and humour, evident in the birds of paradise on the walls and a huge Vuitton trunk for a reception desk. The rooms are sleekly styled, and enhanced by lights to which only she has the secret, giving the rooms a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Hôtel Paradis
41, rue des Petites-Ecuries
75010 Paris

+33 (0)1 45 23 08 22

Rooms: from 94 EUR