La Fourchette: the best world cuisines under one roof

La Fourchette: the best world cuisines under one roof

At La Fourchette, you'll feel as if they have been expecting you. Excellent world cuisine in a contemporary setting.

With a modern, designer look inspired by current trends in Europe, not a false note can be heard or eaten here. The latest groovy music and Thursday night live shows provide a lively setting at this contemporary restaurant offering world cuisine, as brilliant in its diversity as it is in its selectivity. You'll find what you need at La Fourchette, whatever your craving: Asian cuisine with miso soup and chicken dumplings; French dishes with lamb confit ravioli cooked with fresh mint and crushed courgettes; or Mexican creations including the spicy shrimp and mango salsa with avocado.

If you wish to explore Senegalese cuisine, the white grouper steak, a local fish, served with Senegalese five-spice powder and sautéed leeks will let you plunge into the flavours of the bay of Dakar. In short, there is something for everyone!

La Fourchette
Rue de Thann

+221 33 821 88 87

Menu: around 8,500 XOF