Explore the south with a ‘pirogue' tour in Lower Casamance

Explore the south with a ‘pirogue' tour in Lower Casamance

Lower Casamance is the most untamed part of southern Senegal, a region locked away between Guinea-Bissau and the Gambia, a country that cuts a swath through the centre of Senegal.

Head towards the mouth of the Casamance River, which holds out its grey-green arms to welcome you. You can organize a lovely tour on a pirogue down the calm, shallow waters of the Senegalese mangroves.

The numerous fishing villages along the river offer unusual stops and a glimpse of real life in this area. Later, you can stop off at Elinkin and quench your thirst at the local drink stand; or turn the tip of your makeshift boat to the island of Carabane, where coconut palms will keep you in their shade.

Here is your opportunity to visit the round impluvium buildings made of mud and cooled by rainwater, often in the centre of their courtyards. While in Casamance, you can also visit the bustling streets of the capital, Ziguinchor, or perhaps head to the southernmost tip of Senegal on the border with Guinea-Bissau where you will find the broad white sand beaches of Cap Skirring, rightly regarded as the most beautiful of West Africa. Sound enticing?