Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary: more than feathers

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary: more than feathers

Enter this park, north of Saint-Louis, for a guided boat tour that takes in migratory and indigenous birds, plus a crocodile or two if you're lucky.

Purple herons, African spoonbills, great egrets, and cormorants—you will come back from a visit here with images of an amazingly broad variety of birds in your mind, and on your camera! This 16,000-hectare bird sanctuary shows the diversity and beauty of our friends from the skies.

To enjoy its wonders in the best conditions, start your tour as early in the morning as possible. Later in the day, the birds play hide and seek and it can get hot, very hot. Don't miss the flying ballet performed against the backdrop of the great blue sky by some of the 1.5 million birds to be found here.

You can climb the bird-watching towers in the park to better observe the pink flamingos, or visit the nesting pelicans and cormorants—as quietly as possible if you want to get close!

Djoudj National Bird Sanctuary

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