Delancey, the art of an excellent pizza

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Delancey, the art of an excellent pizza

This charming restaurant is one of the hottest spots in the city.

The entire city followed the adventures of the opening of this pizzeria, told in a novel written by Molly Wizenberg, the co-owner of the restaurant. She particularly describes the demanding nature of Petitt, her partner, driven by the fierce desire to make the most wonderful pizzas and his anxiety in creating recipes.
The reception of the public and critics was not long in coming. Everyone agrees that Delancey produces the best pizzas in the area – an undisputed success with their crispy and airy crust cooked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, and the freshest ingredients. As for the choice of tomatoes and mozzarella, they are meticulous with the finest suppliers.
In a cheerful, bright and relaxed atmosphere, come and taste the famous pizzas that have resisted the marriage of Molly and Pettit. A happy ending that does not only exist in movies!

1415 NW 70th Street
98117 Seattle

+1 206 838 1960

Menu: around 25 USD