Mohammed V Casablanca Airport


Post Office: Public Arrivals Hall T1 and T2 ground floor

Newsstands / Tobacco stores:
T2 : Dahmani, Aéropress (T2),
T3 : Addioui Mohammed
T1 public hall: Sapress
T2 public hall: Safe Bag
T1 and T2 public halls: Aman Bag

Moroccan crafts
Traditional Morocco products
Cosmetics, Jewelry, Sports, Electronics, Clothing etc.

Bars and Restaurants

Food Center T2: Pizza Box, Brioche Dorée, Flying Café, Ali Shawarma, Burger
T1: Cafétéria Clémentine, Tookies, Bab El Maghrib, Atasa
T2: La Pausa, Cafriccio, News Café, Lags Café etc.


Wi-Fi available in the T1 and T2

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