Air France welcomes 787

Air France is proud to welcome the latest generation Boeing aircraft Boeing 787-9, also known as the Dreamliner, into its fleet.
The Boeing 787 is the first Boeing aircraft to result from international collaboration. The different parts of the aircraft were manufactured all around the world and 8 French companies participated in the project: Dassault Systems, Safran Electrical & Power, Latécoère, Safran Landing Systems, Michelin, Radiall, Thalès and Zodiac Aerospace.

Innovation to bring you greater comfort

The air pressure on board the Boeing 787 measures at 6,000 ft (approximately 1,800 m), much lower than on other aircraft. The air humidity levels in the cabin are also better controlled, to provide greater comfort on board and reduce the physiological effects of being at altitude.

Greener, cleaner, quieter

Air France endeavors to fulfill its commitment to sustainable development. In this way, the 787 consumes less fuel and emits approximately 20% less CO2 than aircraft from the previous generation. Sound emissions are also 20% lower.

Even more light

With the windows 30% larger than on any other aircraft of its kind, the Boeing 787 allows a panoramic view from the sky! And for even more comfort and tranquility, the lighting system adapts to the different stages of the flight.

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Make the time fly by with WiFi on board!

The Boeing 787 is equipped with WiFi connection in all the cabins. How does it work? Wireless access points enable your smartphone, tablet, laptop computer or other device to connect to the WiFi network on board.
Choose the WiFi voucher option that suits your needs (20 MB, 50 MB, 200 MB) and get connected in just a few minutes!

Air France at its best with new cabins

Air France has chosen the triple cabin Boeing 787-9 model: 30 seats in the Business cabin, 21 seats in the new and improved Premium Economy cabin, and 225 seats in the Economy cabin. All the seats are produced by French equipment supplier Zodiac Aerospace.

The Business cabin, a comfortable and tranquil space

Your personal space in the Business cabin can transform into an office, restaurant, entertainment lounge, bedroom…it’s your space to use in whichever way you wish. Your private and ample seat also has direct access to the aisle passage.

At any moment, you can recline your seat into a soft and comfortable bed measuring almost 2 m / 6.5 ft in length. With this full-flat bed, you are free to find the sleeping position that is right for you.

Turn on your 16-inch HD touchscreen and transform your space into an entertainment lounge: new films, movie classics and blockbusters, concerts, documentaries, music, games… Updated every month, our varied programming gives you plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself.

The new Premium Economy cabin: travel in a haven of comfort…

The new Premium Economy seat meets the highest comfort criteria on the market. It ensures more space, privacy and comfort thanks to new ergonomic improvements:

  • Your seat reclines up to 130° within a fixed area, preserving your personal space at all times
  • The spacious and comfortable seat allows you to move freely
  • The firm generous seat cushions provide lower back support for your well-being
  • The seat is equipped with convenient storage spaces for your personal items

The seat also includes a personal and adjustable fiber-optic reading lamp, a reading rest integrated into the foldout tray table for books and tablets for easy reading, a personal power outlet and USB port, a noise-reducing headrest…

The Economy cabin: where comfort and serenity go hand in hand

Sit back and relax! You have space to stretch out your legs, as well as an adjustable headrest. On your seat, you'll find a cushion with an original design and a blanket for a comfortable rest. You also have a personal power outlet, a USB port, a foldout tray with a cup holder, and a hook for your headphones… all within easy reach!
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